Sunday Reads

Signify's Sunday Reads - 8th March Week #2

Sunday Reads

We're back as always with another Sunday Reads! Including our favourite how-to's, 

Github... love it or hate it this article shows you how to How to publish a Scala library in GitHub packagesManuel Rodríguez helpfully provides a literaly step by step guide with bullet points and code examples. 

Pure code from the amazing Scala and Haskell developer, Francis Toth with his article HList !

One that we found quite interesting was 5 Things Better than a Computer Science Degree as we know there is never just one way into a career and there are plenty of things you can do, outside of education, to gain value. 

A front-end article this week comes from Sylwia Vargas called React Lifecycle Methods 101: Adding a Title to Your Page  she shows us one quick trick to increase your pages aaccessibility.

Last but not least another how-to, this time you could find out How Bash Works  written by Jasmine Humbert she wants to help reduce your time, bugs and headaches..