Sunday Reads

Signify's Sunday Reads - 29th March Week #4

Sunday Reads

As always we are here, this Sunday providing you with our favourite programming blogs and articles from the past week. This week...

First up we have a really interesting article, all about Tesla's new power plant. In Edge to Cloud: Building the Tesla Virtual Power Plant by Wesley Reisz he disucsses how the new virtual power plant is a great and modern example of cloud-native architecture. 

Next up we have Monitoring and tracing for akka applications under kubernetes (k8s) from innFactory GmbH it evaluates monitoring and tracing products for Akka applications.

In this article you can learn all about MinIO which is a high performance and scalable distributed object storage server which implemented with golang. It is called MinIO object storage scala client.

In this article Bhaavan Goel explains how he (How I) achieved 3x speedup for joins over Spark dataframes as he tells us what he does to save time because Scala doesn’t allow direct read of a row from a file. 

Another how-to this time from David Walsh is How to Cancel a Fetch Request short and sweet it does exactly what it says! 

David Walsh's blog also provided us with Tips for Working Remotely and Enjoying it! which is really relevant and useful as most of us are working from home at the moment!