Scala In The City

Scala in the City, Lightbend Edition @ Quantexa

Scala In The City

Each month we seem to top the last and we are very proud of this little community we have created. This Scala in the City was hosted by Quantexa. As a slight twist to the usual Scala in the City, this months was the Lightbend edition, with speakers Chris Batey and Gerard Maas

Ian Lees is the Head of Research and Development at Quantexa, he kicked the evening off with an introduction to Quantexa and how they use Scala.

Chris Batey is a Senior Software Engineer at Lightbend. The focus of his talk was on the software Akka and the update 2.6. 

Gerard Maas is a Principal Sotware Engineer at Lightbend. His aim was to help everyone understand how to stream applications on