Sunday Reads (1)

Signify's Sunday Reads - 9th February Week #2

Sunday Reads (1)

We're back with our weekly reads... this week we seem to have really focused in on Scala content; from Shapeless to Cats IO. 


First up we have a very practical article - its a really helpful checklist which you can jot-down or print out and use, by Horia Constantin this checklist includes things such as, create a list of antipatterns and much more, it's a short read so you should definitely check it out: Checklist for learning Scala. 


Next up we have a sneaky little hack from Tamas Polgar it focuses on combining Scala with Cats technology; Hack: How to Use Scala Features with Cats IO. It really helpfully gives examples of how to, both good and bad. 


Another article which gives an example of how not to do something is, How (not) to use shapeless for cross-layer conversations in Scala, by Mikołaj Koziarkiewicz.


Our last Scala specific article is actually the first part of a series, by Yevgen Nerush it is called Part 1: Application of literal and dependent object types in Scala 2.13 this article features lots of snippets of code as examples and again some bad examples. 


Another 'how-to' which we absolutely love is from Geeksforgeeks called finalize() method in Java and how to override it


And last but not least for this week; Beating Textbook Algorithms in String Search because what are the rules there for if not to be broken? Linas Medžiūnas shows you ways to use different algorithms.