Sunday Reads

Signify's Sunday Reads - 23rd February Week #4

Sunday Reads

Another week and another Sunday Reads, this week we've got a real variation for you... 

At Signify we love building careers and seeing progression, this blog from Zachary Albia does just that, as he maps his journey from high school and university, through to teaching himself FP as he runs through Scala, ZIO and Akka; the article is titled My FP Journey

Next up we have Creating a dead simple CountDownLatch with ZIO  Amitay Horwitz begins by explaining exactly what CountDownLatch is and then and takes a look back at Java to solidify his point. 

Following on from that article we have a very short post mostly made up of code called; ZIO STM: CountDownLatch in (effectively) two lines

This article from Seth Tisue disucsses Scala 2 which is an open source of Scala code which is built and run everyday to support the validation of changes to the Scala compiler and standard library; titled Scala 2 community build reaches goals.

From the Software Mill team we have a listicle of 10 presentations about Scala, Java and more the article was written by Ola Puchta-Górska. 

Something a little bit different this week - we have an article perfect for any Software Architect; the short summary is based on the newly released book Fundamentals of Software Architecture and allows you to download a taster.