Sunday Reads

Signify's Sunday Reads - 1st March Week #1

Sunday Reads

We're back with another Sunday Reads!! This week we've got it all from Scala to Java to Cats and Microservices, some amazing articles check them out... 

Why, when and how to return Stream from your Java API instead of a collection from Tomasz Kielbowicz he helps you understand how to return stream when working with a large portion of data and gives lots of code examples to help you through. 

What are the essential skills for Microservices developers? by Maria Wachal she goes through the different sklls and what they are useful for, in short little paragraphs making all of the information very clear, if you want a quick specific read this ones for you. 

Cats Effect Ref from Jeff Lewis  gives very useful code examples and  how-to implement throughout the processes.

Caliban Client: a type-safe GraphQL Client for Scala and Scala.js by Pierre Ricadat talks us through code generation, writting queries and running queries.