Sunday Reads

Signify's Sunday Reads - 16th February Week #3

Sunday Reads

Can you believe it is already the third week in February and it will soon be March? 

We're back with another Sunday Reads, this week we have a real mix...

Firstly, this blog from Michał Sitko is perfect if you are a Scala developer and want to delve into some Haskell, called Haskell for impatient Scala developer: Getting into speed if you want to get the basics quickly this is the one for you and Michal has really named it so amptly. 

Next up we have an article that can help increase the use of Scalacheck Generators which is super useful because they are a really valuable tool that Manuel Rodríguez thinks should be used more often, it is titled Building useful Scalacheck Generators and is a really quick read!

A common problem when developing web apps is how do we detect the user's language? This article shows you the best most robust ways to do so; Detecting a Users Locale in Web Apps.

Standardizing IO Interfaces for Scala Libaries, has come from a blog we have only just discovered Haoyi's Programming Blog, it is perfect if you want an article that is full of code examples all fully explained. It begins with the problem and then moves on to streaming workarounds and streaming interlop complexity. 

As you may know the next Scala in the City is our Lightbend edition - this article is from the Akka team at Lightbend, discussing the changes in the new release in a Q&A style it is an easy read with lots of info; Major Performance Improvements In Alpakka Kafka 2.0.