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Scala in the City: LIGHTBEND EDITION

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Thank you so much to everyone who joined us at the Lightbend edition of Scala in the City last night!

It was another great turn-out and each month we are left wondering how we can top the last... 

Lightbend is a tech company creating real-time streaming applicaations and improving infrastructure efficiency using their open source which includes Akka, Scala and Play Framework. For this special Lightbend edition they provdided two very inspiring engineers who gave amazing talks... If you didn't get to attend this time - not to worry because as always you can view the slides from both talks below and we will be posting the videos shortly! 

A HUGE thank you to Quantexa for hosting! Quantexa develop sustainable and scalable technology that evolves with the market, they offer software to help prevent fruad and credit risk. 

Thanks to our brilliant speakers;

Christopher Batey - Senior Software Engineer at Lightbend. In his talk Six features of Akka 2.6, he highlighted six features of Akka 2.6 including; distributed processing - co-locate stateful data processing with Kafka consumers and work distribution - distributing work across machines with retries and flow control. 

Akka 2.6 introduces improved or a new way of doing each of these tasks with new APIs for event sourcing, sharding, and new features for reliable messaging and co-locating sharded actors with Kafka consumers. You can check out the slides from his talk here!

Gerard Maas - Principal Engineer at Lightbend. In his talk Creating Streaming Applications on Kubernetes with Cloudflow, he discussed the way that distributed streaming applications offer us a scalable approach to process data streams and deliver valuable real-time insights on the data and introduces Cloudflow as the latest open-sourse project from Lightbend, with the aim that by the end of the presentation the audience would have a good idea of how to start using Cloudflow on projects. Check out the slides from his talk here!

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