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Some Inspiring Programming Talks We Just Had To Share

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We love listening to talks - its a great and easy way to intake the knowledge from people who really know what they are talking about!

First up we have one recommended by one of you guys... it's Martin Odersky's keynote speech at Scala Days 'A Tour of Scala 3' 

This talk was given by Martin Odersky at Scala Days.

This talk is perfect if you want something very quick but uplifting to watch and it has been elegantly named 'The Poetry of Programming' - it is a Ted Talk by Linda Liukas


This talk was given by Linda Liukas. 

The future is something which we often question, especially in relation to things that we know can be developed - so Bret Victor's talk at DBX makes for very interesting listening!


Next up we have something a little bit different - as this talk wasn't given at a big conference or meetup but it is just as interesting! Compiler Writers are often mystified but in this talk, by Phil Trelford, you can expect lots of code to demystify the work they do. 

This talk was given by Phil Trelford

If you want a summary of Functional Programming in 40 minutes then this one from Russ Olsen is perfect and he explains it in such a way that is really engaging and simple to understand. 

This talk was given by Russ Olsen at GOTO. 

Another talk which we really enjoy is 'The Myth of the Genius Programmer' from Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman at Google they try to make people not feel silly when they don't know something and begin by explaining that programmers are not geniuses - they have to learn too! 

This talk was given by Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman at Google