Sunday Reads (1)

Signify's Sunday Reads - January 5th Week #1

Sunday Reads (1)

Happy New Year Everyone! 

We are straight back into it with a Sunday Reads and our top picks for the first week in 2020. 

First up is a really helpful Glossary of Functional Programming Terms by John De Goes. It is a super-detailed list, presented in alphabetical order, it features terms from Abstraction all the way to Universal Type and Value. 

Next is not exactly a read as such but more of a listen and that is Adam Gordon Bell's podcast CoRecursive - Software Engineering Interviews: God's Programming Language.

A great article to look over 2019 is from the Scala Times titled Scala Tooling in 2019, it runs through some favourites and the main ones you should be using if you aren't already. 

One which we thought was really great and a topic not seen that often is how to Write Clean and SOLID Jobs Scala Spark Jobs to help increase the data team's productivity, this was by Ronal Angel

We also thought that the Scala Tutorial given by Jakub Kozlowski the presentation will help you learn about the Tagless Final technique and a way to correctly implement and test a Tagless Final algebra in your program, it is called Using Tagless Final with laws.

Finally we have From URL to Interactive by Aaron Gustafon, taken from the A List Apart blog, which prides itself on being for people who make websites. 

Happy Reading Everyone, we hope you enjoy and perhaps learn something that you can use in this New Year! 

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