Sunday Reads

Signify's Sunday Reads - 26th January Week #4

Sunday Reads

As January comes to a close we are back with another Signify Sunday Reads...

First up we have a very interesting article from Artur Skowroński his article helpfully summarises Thought Works quarterly report: Technology Radar which he says is a highly opinionated view on what is happening in the digital business. In his article: I read ThoughtWorks Technology Radar vol.21 so you don't have to he analyses the report, separating his analysis into sections dependant on what type of developer you are, for example 'If you are a blockchain develope...' 

An extremely useful post and something that you can constantly refer back to is the Scala Cheatsheet by Brendan O’Connor - it is a quick list of syntactic constructions. 

From John De Goes we have an amazing Glossary of Functional Programming it is a really useful list from A-Z including things like Abstract and Local Reasoning. 

Continuing our January theme of New Year, New Role and Self-Development - this article from Connie Benton can help you with just that! Called 9 Lessons From the Google Screening Process to Supercharge Your Resume is the perfect listicle to help you create the best application you can as a programmer. 

In the same tone of career progression we have an article from Stella Meadows;10 Programming Career Recommendations for Students and Newbies if you are new to programming it really is a must-read.

Next up we have Implementing typeclasses in Scala 1 from the hopefully not wrong blog - which as a title may not sound promising but is actually very detailed with lots of code examples!

We couldn't do a Sunday Reads without a simple 'How-To', this week we chose Pranchal Katiyar's article; How to convert long number into abbreviated string in JavaScript? 

Lastly, but definitely not least we have a blog post which briefly explains the work that Phrase are doing at the moment, including enabling developers to work a lot faster by allowing them to directly work with the keys they have created and tagged in Phrase and integrate them into the code, ultimately sustainably streamlining the process. It is called How a SaaS Platform Elevates Localization to Promote Shared Mobility Worldwide and is essentially a Q&A with Dalibor Stajic the content marketing manager at the company.