Sunday Reads (1)

Signify's Sunday Reads - 12th January Week #2

Sunday Reads (1)

Hello everyone - as the new year is in full swing we are back with another Signify Sunday Reads to keep you updated with all the latest in the Scala and Programming world!

First up we have ZIO environment meets constructor-based dependency injection from Adam Warski it is a very useful read, especially considering Wiem Zine Elabidine gives us a look into ZIO in the Real World in her talk at the upcoming Scala in the City conference. 

Another ZIO related post - as it seems to be very topical at the moment - is a great listicle: 5 pitfalls to avoid when starting to work with ZIO by Natan Silnitsky. He includes things like Pure Functional Style and Pitfalls.

An interesting one for the new year is Full Stack Pronounced Dead by Joe Honton. This blog post explores the evolution of the use of full-stack in job searches or technology role requirements from the start of the Millenium up until now. 

This week we also have a couple of simple 'how to' blog posts, like this one by The Educative Team, Scala 101: A beginners guide to the scalable language it is usefully split into three parts which makes for easy reading: Part 1: Scala FAQs, Part 2: Introduction to Scala Syntax and Tools and Part 3: Resources for Learning/Practicing Scala.

Next, we have How to start coding from the Coding Dojo, as Lewis Dowling suggests; programming is about solving problems. Yes, it can take some time to get to grips with specific languages, but there are plenty of resources for every kind of learning style. 

Finally, following theme this January of self-development we have a great post from Geeks for Geeks which lets you be in the best preparation for the interview questions you are most likely to be asked so if you want to achieve new role this new year, this post is for you: Most asked Computer Science Subjects Interview Questions in Amazon, Microsoft, Flipkart