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RDLC Awards 2020

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RDLC is the leading professional network group for recruitment CEOs, MDs and Directors. The RDLC awards are held annually to celebrate the successes of everyone in the recruitment community, they aim to make the 'good-great and the great-outstanding'. This year the theme was the Oscars and we were the lucky winners of three ROscar awards. 

Stay posted as we will be posting all of our video entries for the awards over on our Signify Technology youtube channel.

CEO of the year 

It was an absolute honor for our CEO, Ryan Adams, to receive this award. We think that the thing that separates a good CEO and a great CEO is what their employees have to say about them, so for our entry to this award we asked members of the Signify team to say three words that came to mind when they think of Ryan, they included; genuine, selfless and inspirational. After founding Signify Technology in 2017 Ryan has made the culture all about self-development and helping everyone to achieve their goals both personally and professionally. 

Rookie of the year 

The Rookie award is for anyone who hasn't been in recruitment for very long but has made already had a huge impact on the company since joining. Mitchell has only been with Signify for two years now and in that time he has become our top-biller. He has set the company record after receiving three promotions in twelve months. 

Jack Sparrow Award 

The Jack Sparrow award is for anyone who is thought about as invaluable to the company, Susan is the most consistent biller on the contract team and yet she always finds time to help her colleagues. She has managed and progressed half of the contract team. 

It was a really lovely day at Cafe de Paris, with lunch, drinks, magicians, entertainment from ‘Pirates Got Talent’ and comedian Geoff Nortcott.