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The Renaissance for Big Data and Parallelism with GraalVM by François Farquet

Nativity Painting Of People Inside A Dome 159862

Francois Farquet discusses how we have reached the Renaissance of Big Data and Parellelism in his talk at Scale by the Bay.

The Renaissance suite is a new benchmark suite focused on parallelism and concurrency, and provides workloads that exercise modern parallel programming abstractions and primitives provided by the JVM. Through these workloads, the suite aims to aid in understanding how modern applications and data processing frameworks use the features of the JVM, and to foster development of new optimizations that enable more efficient executions. The GraalVM team has used those benchmarks to improve and assess the performance of its compiler to make it one of the most efficient in the industry. In this talk, we will discuss about this new suite and how it is helping compiler, GC, VM and tool implementers to fully support and optimize for the kind of workloads developers really care about. We will then dive into the GraalVM use case by detailing what makes GraalVM such a unique ecosystem.

This talk was given by Francois Farquet at Scale by the Bay.