Sunday Reads

Signify's Sunday Reads - December 8 Week #2

Sunday Reads

What better way to reset for the coming week than to sit down and have a browse through the articles we found most interesting over the past week? 

Sunday Reads

First up we have 'Akka references serialization with Protobufs' by Michał Ostruszka. Michal is a Software Engineer at Software Mill. His article helpfully gives examples of code and he then goes through them, explaining step by step

Adam Warski also works at Software Mill, his article titled 'From @Transactional to type-safe, reasonable transactions' specifically explores tracking transactions, multiple queries, combining with other side effects and nesting types. 

It's important to stay up to date in the Scala world so we also have the Scalafmt v2.3.1 from Scalameta!

Next up we have a read from Piotr Golebiewski which discusses one way you can use the functional library Zio, The article is called 'How to write a command-line application with Zio' and features some helpful flow chart like diagrams. 

Computer Science Professor Mark Lewis has written about automation and remaining relevant in the workplace, as the need for human input decreases, it is titled 'Ignoring Automation is Just Sticking Your Head in the Sand'.

Our final pick is from Jakub Janecek called 'Introducing Scala Server Tool Kit'

Happy Reading, we will be back next week with another list of Scala Articles for you to enjoy!

And don't forget if you missed out on last week's reads you can catch up here!