Sunday Reads

Signify's Sunday Reads - 22nd December Week #3

Sunday Reads

We're here with your third December installment of Signify's Sunday Reads:

First up it wouldn't be a Signify's reads if we didn't feature an article from the Scala Times, this week is no different and we have picked 'Beyond Liskov: Type Safe Equality in Scala'.  This blog post explores how a "safer" equality check is just one of many features that go against the principles that underlie any type system with subtyping, and achieving it requires a fundamental re-thinking of what it means to be "type safe".

Next, we have a post from Geeks for Geeks, where they tell all about a coding event and competition, which is set to commence on the 27th of December. The blog post and event is called: Geeks Coding Challenge [GCC 2019] – A Three Day Coding Challenge and we think this will be a great event to attend over the festive period!

A post which we think would be really helpful when thinking about self-improvement in 2020 is 'Top 5 Tips To Become a Better Software Engineer' by Sean Batir. This post has a handy little video as well as written content. 

Another step-by-step guide which we found is '7 Steps I follow for developing a Device Driver'. As Nattu Dakshinamurthy says, This write-up might be more useful for a person who is not a full-time Device Driver Developer but has a need to develop drivers once in a while. Particularly if you work in a semiconductor company (like myself) and you are assigned to develop a Device Driver for a Hardware Board based on a new Chip.

We also have the article, 'Casa and Stack' by Chris Done, it featured in Haskell Weekly. This post is aimed at Haskellers who are roughly aware of how build infrastructure works for Haskell. But the topic may have a general audience outside of the Haskell community, so this post will briefly describe each part of the infrastructure from the bottom up: compiling modules, building and configuring packages, downloading and storing those packages online.

Last but by no means least we have: SCALA 2 ROADMAP UPDATE: THE ROAD TO SCALA 3 created by Lukas Rytz, Adriaan Moors, Martin Odersky. The post features a range of topics, from working on Scala and examples of code to when Scala 3.0 will be released!

We hope you've enjoyed reading and if you did remember to subscribe below! You won't want to miss next weeks Signify's Sunday Reads as it will be a round-up of the year and a collection of our favourite blog posts from 2019.