Cable Rope Loops 3399

Refactoring Recursion by Harold Carr

Cable Rope Loops 3399

This talk by Harold Carr, given at Lambda World, is perfect for any beginners in recursion because it focuses on the list structure. Recursion is the fundamental looping mechanism in functional programming, as by definition the word refers to something that reoccurs and happens on repeat. 

This talk shows patterns of recursion using Haskell. It shows those patterns for list structure only. This makes it easier for beginners to understand recursion schemes by focusing on their operation with lists. We start by writing explicit recursive versions of sum, product, and length of lists, then factor them into fold functions. We proceed in a similar manner with other folds, unfolds, and refolds with many examples of the patterns in operation. We end by mentioning factoring recursion out of data.

This talk was given by Harold Carr at Lambda World.