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Our Clients: What it is like to work with some of our clients

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We are lucky to have some amazing clients that we work with to place the perfect people in the perfect Tech roles. So below we have put together a bit about what it might be like to work at some of the ones we work with the most.


ITV is a household name and has created 60 years of Tv history. Therefore their culture and the structure of the business is well-developed, rooted in tradition but also always evolving. They are a very inclusive and diverse company that pride themselves on equal opportunity for all, which is not only seen in their hiring process but also the development plans in place for new starters. The brand is at the heart of popular culture and they have a truly inter

national reach. They have multiple offices in London, as well as Manchester and Leeds. As one of the longest-standing UK television broadcasters, the company is passionate about new tech and on their website they have a great testimonial you can read about a day in the life of a Scrum Master, which you can read here! 

If you are interested in working at ITV reach out to our Senior Consultant, Elisha.  


Sky is another household name which has revolutionised TV broadcasting. They are currently working to build sustainable TV studios and are campaigning against single-use plastics. Working for them would be a great opportunity to work in a company that is pathing the way for other tech companies to follow. Plus they offer lots of perks for their employees to make the most of such as private health care and access to over 12,000 LinkedIn learning courses. They constantly have lots of technology roles open to applications, due to the size of their tech team which is constantly growing. Sky is also

proudly an advocate for Women in Tech, at their latest event for example they discussed the power of apps. You can find out lots more about what it is like to work at sky on their youtube channel here.

If you are interested in working at Sky reach out to our Permanent Team Manager, Daniel. 


eBay is an e-commerce company and was one of the first companies to be online only. They are proud of the fact that for over two decades they have played a central role in creating an inclusive and accessible commerce platform that enables anyone to participate in the global economy. They have created a platform

that has given anyone the opportunity to create their own business and the platform is constantly used by non-profit organisations to raise funds. Working at eBay would mean working alongside some of the best in the industry. They have a tech blog that documents the evolution of the way that the company uses tech, which you can read here.  

If you are interested in working at eBay reach out to our Senior Consultant, Susan.  


NET-A-PORTER is the biggest e-commerce fashion brand and is the host to luxury lines. They have an unrivaled client base of more than 3 million high-spending customers. The service they offer is prestige, with additional touches like an in house delivery service to your door the same day that the item has been

ordered, which will even wait outside while you try the clothing on. Although a luxury fashion brand they rely heavily on advanced tech and NET-A-PORTER is proud that they are at a unique position at the intersection of fashion and technology. Their office spaces have been designed with innovation in mind and follow sustainability principals. 

 If you are interested in working at NET-A-PORTER again you can reach out to our Senior Consultant, Elisha. 


Medidata describes themselves as more than a tech company, they describe themselves as delivering the architecture of hope. They specialise in Saas technology and are developing technologies in Life Science. They are proud to promote a collaborative, fun and open work culture and environment. Working at Medidata would mean your hard work and dedication is always rewarded. They take work-life balance to a new level as they offer unlimited paid time off. 

If you are interested in working at Medidata you can reach out to our Senior Consultant, Elisha.