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Language-Oriented Programming with Racket by Matthias Felleisen

Assorted Title Cassette Tapes 2796145

There is no such thing as knowing about too many programming languages. Matthias Felleisen discusses the programming language: Racket in his talk at Lambda World and he does so by first using examples of classical research and then moving on to modern programming. 

Racket, a functional language in the Lisp family, promotes a language-oriented style of programming. Developers create many domain-specific languages, write programs in those, and compose these programs via Racket code. This style of programming can work only if creating and composing little languages is simple and effective. This talk will demonstrate how Racket achieves this goal, starting from bare-bones functional code and moving through a range of examples from classical research (Algol '60) to modern end-point programming for the Web.

This talk was given by Matthias Felleisen at Lambda World.