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Important things to remember when starting your first role in Tech

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There are many benefits to working in tech, in the height of the digital age, technologies are constantly evolving and developing. This means it doesn't seem like there will be a lack of new things to develop or refine any time soon.

Not to mention tech is now one of the highest paying sectors in the Uk and tech jobs in big companies offer lots of perks. But the fact that technology is constantly changing and there is always a new, better skill set to be learned means that you are unlikely to get bored or stuck in the same routine at work. Lots of big companies who have the most need for a variety of tech roles, such as Twitter, Google and Uber have really innovative offices and their work culture is flexible. Working in the tech industry also gives you the chance to really change the way that things are done, whether that be in people's daily lives or something much more abstract. You might develop a new fitness app that really helps people maintain a healthy lifestyle, you could work on a charity website or develop software that could help cybersecurity for small businesses...

But what are the important things to remember when you begin working in Tech? 

Firstly, it's always a good idea to find a mentor - not only will this be someone who can give you advice and share their experiences with you but it will be someone you eventually have a mutual agreement with, that if you are stuck with something you can always go to them for help. This is not necessarily someone at the same company as you are joining and in fact, it is often better to get someone outside of that because they are more likely to have different ideas. You can try networking at events, conferences and even online to find someone - most people are often happy to help especially if you build a working relationship with them where you can both benefit. 

Never be afraid to ask a question - I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times but it really is true no matter what role you are beginning in. It is not a sign of weakness but in fact strength, it shows that you know your limitations and are more concerned about the success of whatever you are working on than how you look. Remember to gather as much information as you can and when you ask the question frame it with what you do know and what you have already tried, to find the answer to what you are asking.

You should make a conscious effort to learn keyboard shortcuts and anything that will make you work more efficient. Not only will this make your life easier and save you valuable time but you will feel a lot more confident when you work the same as your co-workers, so ask your peers for tips and tricks. 


Always speak up in meetings and group discussions, again this can probably apply to any role. But remember that you have been hired to add something to the team and your ideas are always valid, whether they are used or not they may spark a different idea in someone else by hearing them. On the other hand, don't continuously try to prove yourself and come up with really out-there ideas or different ways of doing things just for the sake of showing you can. Remember you have been hired because the company has faith in your skill-set so don't put too much pressure on yourself. 

On a similar note don't seek acknowledgment from others. If you recognise that you have improved in the way you are working somehow or have just done something autonomously for the first time or executed an idea successfully and are feeling proud of yourself that's great: you should make a mental note of these achievements and feel pleased with yourself. But don't expect constant recognition from your teammates. For example, they might not even remember what it was like to complete their first database migration.

Don't say yes to everything, there is only so much you can achieve in a day or week. Make sure your task list can be completed and while it is nice to help out where you can - you don't want to be sat twiddling your thumbs but just because you are new it doesn't mean you can't say no if you already have a lot on. 

On the other hand, do say yes when you can to getting involved in anything happening outside of work. Socialising with colleagues and getting to know them, will not only make you more comfortable at work but being friends with the people you work with will make your work life much happier!