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Facts You May Not Know About Kotlin by Eugene Petrenko

Photo Of Person Typing On Computer Keyboard 735911

Software Developer, Speaker and Blogger: Eugene Petrenko gives a talk at Kotlin conference, which takes you on a journey from where Kotlin began to how it has branched out to support different languages today. 

Since Kotlin began, back in 2010, many features have appeared in the language, some of them are still going, others only show up in the deepest darkest depths of source repository history. We will start the talk with several fun facts from Kotlin’s past. You will learn a little about the namesake-island, traits, generics, and type erasure. Writing compact, clear, and idiomatic code will also be one of our topics. Nowadays, Kotlin is not just the JVM language it was in the very beginning, today it supports JVM, JS, and native platforms, including iOS. Did you know of the possibility to share common code and libraries between these platforms?

This talk was given by Eugene Petrenko at Kotlin Conference