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What can Lagom do for you? By Renato Cavalcanti

Pexels Photo 356079

What can Lagom do for us?

At Reactive Summit, Senior Software Engineer at LightbendRenato Cavalcanti shares with us how this Framework can help you achieve an array of applications!

What can Lagom do for you?

Much has been said about building Microservices and the advantages of it, but how can you build truly scalable and distributed Microservices systems? 

In this talk, Renato will share with you the architectural principles promoted by the Lagom Framework. Through interactive demos you will learn how Lagom can help you build an event sourced application and distribute it over different nodes in a cluster. You will learn about Lagom’s Persistence API and its underlying technology, namely Akka Persistence and Akka Cluster Sharding. How it favours Event-First Application Design and how its design principles lays the foundation for Reactive Microservice Architecture.

This talk was given by Renato Cavalcanti at Reactive Summit.