Coding Computer Data Depth Of Field 577585

Thinking Like a Data Scientist - Em Grasmeder

Coding Computer Data Depth Of Field 577585

Perspective is a brilliant thing and sometimes altering yours can help you to see the bigger picture. So whether you are a data scientist and need to know or someone else in the technology community Em Grasmeder talk at Lambda World might be useful to you. She discusses the tools, techniques and ways of thinking a data scientist will use. 

The field of data science, which has an increasingly profound impact on our lives, is meanwhile in the middle of an identity crisis. The fundamental questions of what data science is, who is a data scientist, and how do we best do data science to serve society, remain largely undecided. Although the software languages, frameworks, and algorithms will come in and out of fashion, the fundamentals behind the trade have existed for centuries and will continue to be used for ages to come.

This talk was given by Em Grasmeder at Lambda World