Sunday Reads

Signify's Sunday Reads - December 1 Week #1

Sunday Reads

It's that time again... time for our Sunday Read Club, as always we've compiled a list of articles that we have found most interesting over the past week. 

Sunday Reads

Our first post is from Jakub Janeček Lead Software Engineer at Viruslab Systems. This read is called 'Introducing Scala Server Toolkit'.

Next up we have an article called 'Announcing Scala' from Scala Js. 

Then we have a post from VladKopanev, titled 'Purely Functional Transaction Management In Scala with ZIO'.

We also have an article by Adam Rosien called 'Optional Actions'.

Also posted this week was an article by Bogdan Penkovsky with the title 'Convolutional Neural Networks Tutorial'.

Lastly, we have a read called 'Software Developer in Japan' which is by Ola Puchta-Gorska.


Happy Reading! And don't forget if you missed out on last week's reads you can catch up here. 

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