Signify Sunday Reads

Signify Sunday Reads November 3 Week #1

Signify Sunday Reads

Happy Sunday! We've hope you've had a great week and are ready to finish it off with our Sunday Reads, let's get into it...


Sunday Reads


Our first post is from Michał Matłoka, Senior Software Engineer. This post is called Scala application lifecycle, from pure Scala to FS2.


Our second read is from Daniela SfregolaSenior Software EngineerThis is Daniela's talk from ScalaIO called FP: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


Our third read is from Ryan Berckmans, Software Engineer. This post is the Why I like Scala.


Our fourth post is from Himanshu Arora, Lead Data Engineer. This is Himanshu's talk from ScalaIO called AkkaTyped.


Our fifth post is from Leo Benkel, Senior Machine Learning Engineer. This post is called Bird Operator in Scala – Pretty method chain.


Our final post is from Xia Li-yao. This post is called A monad is just a submonad of the continuation monad, what's the problem?


Don't miss out on all the reads from last week, catch up here.



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