Sunday Reads (1)

Signify Sunday Reads November 24 Week #4

Sunday Reads (1)

It's back again, your weekly Sunday Reads!


Sunday Reads


Our first post is from Krzysztof Grajek, Senior Developer. This post is called Functors — From Category Theory into Cats.


Our second post is from Tobias Roland, Software Engineer. This is Tobias' review of when we sent him to Scale by the Bay 2019.


Our third post is from Adam Warski, CTO of SoftwareMill. This post is called Migrating to sttp client 2.x and tapir 0.12.x.


Our fourth post is from Alejandro Serrano, Software Engineer. This post is called Setting up a Haskell environment.


Our fifth post is a CoRecursive Podcast. This podcast is called Tech Evangelism with Gabriel Gonzalez.


Our final post is from Kevin Hoffman. This post is called Building an Event Sourcing Crate for Rust.


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