Sunday Reads

Signify Sunday Reads November 17 Week #3

Sunday Reads

Are you ready for our weekly Sunday Reads? Let's give you all the Scala and Functional Programming content you deserve!

Sunday Reads

Our first post is from Ola Puchta-Górska, Marketing Manager at SoftwareMill. This post is called My Way to Scala — part 2.

Our second post is from Yifan Xing, Software Engineer. This is Yifan's slides from her talk called Scal(e||a) Up the Community.

Our third post is from Richard Whaling, Data Engineer. This is Richard's slides from his talk called A Brief Introduction to Systems Programming with Scala Native.

Our fourth post is from Daniela Sfregola, Senior Software Engineer. This post is called Using Option in Scala, Part 3: for-comprehension.

Our fifth post is from Marco Perone, Software Developer. This post is called Named typeclasses in Haskell.

Our final post is one we couldn't not include! Scale by the Bay interviewed our Founder, Ryan Adams about the Scala community, check it out

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