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Scala Best Practices I Wish Someone'd Told Me About

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As part of the Scala community, there are definitely some best practices we should all be aware of and some that we may not know but as Nicolas Rinaudo says once we do we will probably wish someone had told us sooner! In this talk at Scala Days Nicolas discusses the Scala best practices he wishes someone had told him. 


Scala is a language with many qualities, but it has more than its share of quirks and small things that don't exactly behave as you'd expect. This talk is about the more commons gotchas in the language and the standard recipes we have for dealing with them. A lot of them are assumed to be common knowledge and never really brought up, which means that a lot of Scala developers had to find out about them the hard way. The purpose of this talk is to try and save some pain by putting the worst offenders in the spotlight and, hopefully, starting conversations around them.

This talk was given by Nicolas Rinaudo at Scala Days