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Scala 3 - What Does It Mean? By Joan Goyeau

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How will Scala 3 affect you as a Developer?

There are so many brilliant features which can solve issues for us. Check out Senior Data Engineer, Joan Goyeau talk from SF Scala to look into the future of Scala!

Scala 3 - What Does It Mean?

We’ve all heard about Dotty or Scala 3 either through Martin Odersky’s great talks or features listing on Dotty’s website. This sounds like a big change but how will it affect me as a Scala user in my day to day development? 

Here at Netflix we are processing millions of events per second with Scala, so we’ve hit a few corner cases of the language that often end up in complicated and boilerplate workarounds that new features in Scala 3 are believed to be solving.

This talk was given by Joan Goyeau at SF Scala.