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Safe Passage: Messaging in Microservice Environments by Hugh McKee

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Want to know the pros and cons of synchronous and asynchronous messaging?

Check out this talk from Hugh McKee at Scalapeno 2018 where you'll find out all about the exciting prospects of a microservice system!


Safe Passage: Messaging in Microservice Environments

Building a microservice system is fun. Running a microservice system in production is, well, it can be fun, but it can also be challenging. It is one thing to build a microservice system that works well when everything is up and running. It is entirely another thing to create a microservice system that can withstand the exciting array of failures that happen in a distributed network environment. In this talk, you will learn about messaging strategies for microservice systems. What are the significant considerations of synchronous versus asynchronous messaging? When should you use messaging strategies such as maybe-once or at-least-once messaging? Is it possible to do exactly-once messaging? Learn how to build microservice systems that treat failure as an architectural feature, not as an afterthought. 
This presentation explores the various strategies used for messaging in a distributed microservice systems environment. We explore the pros and cons of synchronous and asynchronous messaging. We also look at the advantages and disadvantages of the message push and pull message delivery approaches.​
This talk was given by Hugh McKee at Scalapeno 2018.