Re-programming the programmer, from Actors to FP by Paul Cleary


Want to hear about the journey of developing a DNS management system?

Paul Cleary discusses concepts in the DNS domain and different architecture styles, in his talk at Scale By the Bay.

For those of us who may not already know; DNS translates domain names and IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources.

Over the last few years I have built a DNS management system. Initially started as an Event Sourcing application built in Akka, the system had to be re-architected multiple times to address unforeseen issues stemming from new requirements, operational issues, and developer pitfalls (mistakes). This talk will introduce concepts in the DNS domain and different architecture styles including Event Sourcing in Akka and Stream processing in FS2. The talk will describe the journey from inception through to the current system design, highlighting the key challenges encountered along the way and the evolution of the design to account for those challenges. I plan on using real code to demonstrate each architecture along the journey.

This talk was given by Paul Cleary at Scale by the Bay.