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OMS Scala (R)evolution by Francesco Nolano

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Need to build a reliable system?

Scala is the language you need! At YOOX NET-A-PORTER, they adopted Scala for their management system and at Scala in the City, Principal Software Developer, Francesco Nolano took us through how they implemented Scala and the challenges it helped them solve. 


OMS Scala (R)evolution 

Building reliable system is hard and Scala turns out to be the perfect fit for this as it provides a unique set of features allowing you to adopt both Object Oriented and Functional programming style. It is extremely common for a beginner to start using it as a “better java” language.... and so we did. 

In this presentation, we will talk about the adoption of Scala as the programming language for the YOOX NET-A-PORTER order management system and our evolution as scala developers. We will explore different kinds of approaches adopted during the last few years to solve our main challenges starting from better-java-like impure code to pure functional programming poetry.



This talk was given by Francesco Nolano at Scala in the City