New Functional Constructs in Scala 3 by Martin Odersky


We all love a Martin Odersky talk, as the creator of Scala it's one of the highlights from a conference to hear about this projects! At Scale by the Bay attendees were lucky enough to get an insight into four new functional constructs in Scala 3, Martin presented each feature in detail, why it makes sense to add it and discusses use cases. 

You can now catch up on it here, check it out and keep looking forward to Scala 3!


Scala 3 is shaping up, with feature freeze planned for 2019. In this talk I will discuss four new constructs that are likely to be part of Scala 3 and that will affect functional programming style in profound ways. They are: enums, implicit function types, opaque types, and extension methods. I'll present each feature in detail, motivate why it makes sense to add it, and discuss use cases.