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Descriptions, APIs and Tapirs by Adam Warski

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Did you catch Adam Warski's talk at Scala in the City?

The CTO of SoftwareMill came to London to give an exclusive talk for our attendees! Adam helped us get through coding challenges by demonstrating how Tapir impacts the "approachability" aspect of the API.


Descriptions, APIs and Tapirs

It might seem that defining HTTP APIs in Scala is a solved problem. Or is it? Tasks such as generating Swagger documentation or auto-generating clients have always been a challenge. 
Let's fix this! We'll apply an approach of separating the **description** of a problem from its **interpretation**. This has proven to be a powerful tool in other domains (e.g. modeling side effects or database access), so let's see how it works for HTTP APIs. 
In this **live-coding** talk we'll go through the main features of [Tapir](, discuss some of the design decisions and challenges, demonstrate the type-safety and how it impacts the "approachability" aspect of the API.