Copy Of Signify Sunday Reads

Signify Sunday Reads September 27 Week #4

Copy Of Signify Sunday Reads

Let's get right into it, it's Sunday and we're ready to get reading.

Sunday Reads

Our first post is from Fabio Labella, Principal Software Engineer. This post is called Cats Effect 3.0 Interruption Model Proposal.

Our second read is a Corecursive podcast from Adam Gordon BellThis podcast is called Language Oriented Design and SICP with Hal Abelson.

Our third post is from Yannick Gladow, Senior Software Engineer. This post is called Vim with Dotty (using coc vim).

Our fourth post is from Daniel Pfefferkorn, Software Engineer. This post is called Awesome Haskell articles/talks for beginners.

Our fifth post is from Krzysztof Ciesielski, Software Engineer. This is the Painlessly passing message context through Akka Streams.

Our final post is from Alec Lebedev, Systems Architect and Software Engineer. This post is called Playing with Spark in Scala: Warm-up Game.

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