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Machine Learning Infrastructure at an Early Stage by Nick Handel

Close Up Cogs Gears 149387

Where should you focus first on Machine Learning Infrastructure?

At Scale by the Bay, Head of Data Science, Nick Handel shows us where to start with and all about the foundation you need for a strong machine learning system.

Machine Learning Infrastructure at an Early Stage 

Good machine learning is built on infrastructure but many startups don't have the bandwidth or resources to build this foundation while scaling. It's difficult to prioritize the pieces of ML Infrastructure that data scientists and engineers need to be productive and successful when the scale of these projects can be months or years for small teams of engineers. The dividends are large down the road but the cost of pursuing infrastructure that doesn't work or doesn't solve the right problems can leave a team months down the road without necessary progress. 

This talk focuses on the foundation that any good machine learning system is built on and the elements of ML infrastructure to focus on first.

This talk was given by Nick Handel at Scale by the Bay