Learning Scala, Cats Effect and Optics: It's all here!


We've kept you waiting long enough! 

Last week, Scala in the City at YOOX NET-A-PORTER was a blast and we've all been ready and waiting to catch up on the videos so here they are. From Optics from the ground up to how YOOX NET-A-PORTER came to use Scala, there was a lot of knowledge to learn so we hope everyone who came along went away with a lot of insight.

Thank you again to YOOX NET-A-PORTER and the team for welcoming us along and giving us multiple enjoyable talks. Also a massive thanks to Nicolas Rinaudo for giving his time to come along from Paris exclusively for Scala in the City!

Let's get into the talks...

Scala in the City at YOOX NET-A-PORTER

Learning How to Learn Scala by Iulia Dirleci and Sarabjit Kaur

What works, what doesn't and what can make the learning process more efficient.

OMS Scala (R)evolution by Francesco Nolano

Building reliable system is hard and Scala turns out to be the perfect fit for this as it provides a unique set of features allowing you to adopt both Object Oriented and Functional programming style. 
It is extremely common for a beginner to start using it as a “better java” language.... and so we did. In this presentation, we will talk about the adoption of Scala as the programming language for the YOOX NET-A-PORTER order management system and our evolution as scala developers. We will explore different kinds of approaches adopted during the last few years to solve our main challenges starting from better-java-like impure code to pure functional programming poetry.

From Futures to Cats Effect by Darius Jokilehto

You've picked up Scala. You get Futures. But you hear Futures are the past, and the community is talking about other non-blocking libraries. This talk will focus on one of the alternatives, cats effect - why you might want to use it instead of Futures, and some common use cases.

Optics from the Ground Up by Nicolas Rinaudo

Optics are a part of FP that have long frightened me - they sound so intellectual and hard and out of reach! Turns out though, once you actually sit down and study them, optics are surprisingly simple. The purpose of this talk is not to make anyone an optics expert, but to demystify them and show people that they’re as useful as they’re easy to grasp.

Stay posted for our last Scala in the City of 2019...