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Functional Design for Reference Architectures by Jeferson Ossa

Pexels Photo 239886

Did you transition from Java to Scala?

Developer Jeferson Ossa spoke at Scala IO France about his experience of transitioning over, the challenges that came along with it and how they decided to start doing Functional Programming as a better way to tackle complexity.


Functional Design for Reference Architectures at Scala IO France
During the last 5 years, I’ve participated in different enterprise software projects based on Scala ecosystem. All of them were greenfield projects which allowed us to try different architectural and design approaches to deliver the products being built. This is an experience report about our transition from Java to Scala, how we overcame the challenges that comes from switching paradigms and how we decided to start doing FP as a better way to tackle complexity. At the end, I will show our reference architecture as an artifact to distribute all those new knowledge and to demonstrate how to use functional patterns in a real µ-service.

This talk was given by Jeferson Ossa at Scala IO France.