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Eleven Little Life-Enhancing Libraries by Jon Pretty

Pexels Photo 590493 (1)

It's time for a rapid-fire tour-de-force of eleven Propensive microlibraries!

At Scalar, Jon Pretty gave us the best life-enhancing libraries you need in your programming life, so get watching to find about all their unique aspects. 

Eleven Little Life-Enhancing Libraries 

A microlibrary should do one thing and do it well. It's a recipe for composability. 

This talk is a rapid-fire tour-de-force of eleven Propensive microlibraries, each given exactly two minutes to demonstrate its uniqueness and usefulness for everyday tasks. You will see new ways to: execute shell processes, work with CSV, calculate digests, use annotations, pattern match on strings, abstract over monads, work with lenses, interpolate strings safely, compose static async graphs, generate valid HTML and diff ADTs. Each one comes with a firm focus on typesafety, elegant syntax and a humorously magniloquent name.

This talk was given by Jon Pretty at Scalar 2019.