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Akka Streams to the Extreme by Heiko Seeberger

Pexels Photo 1229846

What are your experiences of using Akka Streams?

At Scala Days, Scala expert Heiko Seeberger investigated how Akka Streams can be used to protect against overload and how they are the better fit to implement the typical processes of web applications. 

What are your thoughts?


Akka Streams to the Extreme 

Actors are a powerful yet highly focussed and rather low-level tool. Often there are better ways to implement certain aspects of a domain. In this talk we share our experiences with using Akka Streams at the core of the web services created at MOIA which offers ride sharing services. We will argue that streams are a better fit to implement the typical processes of web applications and we will investigate how Akka Streams can be used to protect against overload, enable lossless redeployments and – by using some advanced features – even enable something like "stream sharding".

About Heiko Seeberger

Heiko Seeberger loves rock climbing, is an internationally renowned expert on Scala, Akka and Functional Programming and is enthusiastic about Rust. He has more than twenty years of experience in software engineering, consulting and training and is an active open source contributor. Heiko works as an independent consultant and regularly shares his knowledge at conferences and user group meetings. He tweets as @hseeberger and sometimes blogs at


This talk was given by Heiko Seeberger at Scala Days 2019.