Crowd Diversity Ground 450059

Workplace Diversity: How can you achieve it?

Crowd Diversity Ground 450059

You know when you have a really engaging debate filled with different views, thoughts and opinions? You leave the discussion feeling empowered with all these new thoughts swirling through your mind.

This is what creating a diverse working environment feels like.

At Signify, we are proud to have a team filled with various personalities who have come from different backgrounds and have encountered different experiences. This not only allows us to grow as a company but it creates such an inspiring culture, we have all added to the company in particular ways unique to how we work and view things.

It's so important to put the effort into cultivating diversity within your teams, so how do you encourage this?

(It isn't this complicated, don't worry)


Evaluate your current level of diversity

Start by looking at your current employment base, are you already a diverse team that just needs expanding? Or do you think you could look at hiring people from different backgrounds, genders or age? There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to diversity as everyone has a story to tell. 


Make use of the modern age

Ever used social media for hiring?
It's time you did! There is a world of talent on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, all of which could be looking at your company activity and have no idea you are hiring. Make use of your team, encourage them to share it on their socials as well as sharing on your company socials. You never know the hidden talent you could find.


The interview process

When you are interviewing potential employees, what do you look for? Is it their qualifications or previous experience? Although these can be important factors, it is useful to consider other aspects such as creativity and enthusiasm to learn and develop within a company. You want to find those who are excited about joining your organisation and that can come across in various ways, so keep an eye out! If they seem excited about joining then think about the positivity they could bring to your team.


Encourage and engage

One of the most powerful tools you can use in your company to create a diverse and hard-working team is by encouraging each individual and engaging with them regularly. Consider mentorship schemes, these can be useful to ensure each employee feels they are working within a supportive environment and that they will receive the resources needed to develop. One of the benefits of being in a diverse workplace is hearing the many different views and stories of your team, so take time to benefit from this, you may come across new techniques which could be implemented into your business. 


Policies are important

Policies in a company are of utmost importance so make sure these are up to date regardless! However, you want your employees to feel they are working in a safe environment where any problems or issues raised will be dealt with accordingly and in a sensitive manner. Both employer and employees benefit from having set policies and procedures in place and let's be honest, it makes anyone feel better knowing they can speak to their senior about an issue and know they are protected. 


A diverse and exciting team will progress your company in ways you can't imagine! What would be your top tips for creating workplace diversity?