What Topic Would You Like To Hear About

What topic do you want to hear about at Scala in the City?

What Topic Would You Like To Hear About

So we've got our October Scala in the City speaker lined-up and we're very excited about inviting them to speak at Scala in the City for the first time!

You may guess who it is BUT you will have wait to find out for certain.

What we do want to know from you is what topic you would like to hear them present, we have 4 options for you so have a read below and make sure to head over to Twitter and vote on the poll. No Twitter account? No problem! Just leave a comment below letting us know your preference.


Choose from the below...

  • Much ado about testing
Introduction to property-based testing, why it's necessary, what problems it solves, strategies to use it effectively and what to do when it's not a reasonable solution.
Target audience: advanced beginner and above

  • Optics from the ground up
Demistifies and motivates optics, a subject that tends to scare beginners (and scared me for the longest time)
Target audience: beginner and above

  • Typeclasses from the ground up

Type classes are a powerful alternative to subtyping and can help to drastically reduce the amount of boilerplate in a project. Their encoding in Scala is fairly straightforward, but suffers from a notion that they are an advanced feature that only experienced developers should use.
The purpose of this talk is to demystify Scala type classes and show how functional code naturally evolves towards them, and how they compose implicitly to buy developers a lot of "free" functionalities. 

Target audience: beginner and above

  • Scala best practices I wish someone'd told me about

This talk is about the more commons gotchas in the language and the standard recipes we have for dealing with them. A lot of them are assumed to be common knowledge and never really brought up, which means that a lot of Scala developers had to find out about them the hard way. The purpose of this talk is to try and save some pain by putting the worst offenders in the spotlight and, hopefully, starting conversations around them.

Target audience: beginner and above

Let us know what YOU want to hear!