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The Syntax and Semantics of Symbols by Marco Borst

Pexels Photo 394377

We know that Scala contains many symbols so let's explore the syntax and semantics of these.

At Scala in the City, Software Developer, Marco Borst showed us just how much is going on under the Scala compiler hood!


The Syntax and Semantics of Symbols 

Scala code contains a lot of symbols, there is a lot of syntax going on under the hood of the Scala compiler, responsible to interpret the semantical meaning of the code, force-fed by the hundreds of thousands of programmers that use this remarkable tool to validate their persistent thoughts. Lots of symbolism going on there, in that previous sentence itself already. 
In this talk we'll explore the syntax and semantics of mathematical and Scala symbols.
This talk was given by Marco Borst at Scala in the City.