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Simplified Scala Monads and Transformation by Harmeet Singh

Pexels Photo 239898

Do you ever feel confused by Monads?

Check out this talk to have it all explained by Software Consultant, Harmeet Singh at F(by) Conference and you'll go on a journey for simplifying monads!


Simplified Scala Monads and Transformation

Have you ever confused with Monads? Or you ever faced the complexity of Monads and Compositions? This talk is your pilot in the journey for simplifying monads, create custom monads, monads composition, and transformation of monads using Scala. 
Keeping the functional paradigm intact while using complicated monad structure in your code could be quite a tedious task. Especially, when your business logic needs to be structured in a flow, suddenly you realize that your code is moving away from the functional paradigm. Well, definitely Monads composition is the savior in this kind of situations, however, composing them practically is again a cumbersome task. 
We will be jumping into some coding examples in this talk, which would hopefully make you sit back and relax when you face this kind of situation again. We will create custom monads, right usage of monadic operator and resolution of monad composition problems and monads transformation with some real-life scenarios and examples. 


This talk was given by Harmeet Singh at f(by) Conference 2019.