Copy Of Signify Sunday Reads

Signify Sunday Reads September 8 Week #2

Copy Of Signify Sunday Reads

This week has brought about lots of great Scala, Haskell and Functional Programming content, from talks at Scala World to mistakes to avoid, we have it all for you. Happy reading!


Sunday Reads


Our first post is from Li Haoyi, Software Engineer. This post is called Easy Parallel Programming with Scala Futures.


Our second read is from Michał Matłoka, Senior Software Engineer. This post is called 7 mistakes when using Apache Cassandra.


Our third read is from Algimantas Krasauskas, Backend Developer. This post is called Typing the technical interview in Scala.


Our fourth read is from Luka Jacobowitz, Senior Software Engineer. This post is from Luka's talk at Scala World called Monoids, monoids, monoids.


Our fifth read is from Nicolas Rinaudo, Co-Founder at ioSquare. This post is from Nicolas' talk at Scala World called Much ado about testing.


Our final post is from Tomasz Guz, Haskell Developer. This post is called Simulating network failures at syscall level.


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