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Scala.js in production by Ramnivas Laddad

Pexels Photo 160107

Scala is a really great programming language for both frontend and backend!

At Scale by the BayRamnivas Laddad, Founder of Paya Labs told us how they use Scala.js in production, how it helps them to extract high performance and which other frontend frameworks work best for them. 


Scala.js in production

Unlike simple apps, where technology choices rarely matter, for complex apps, those choices can be crucial in getting the desired maintainability, agility, and performance. Our startup helps students learn Indian Classical Music with a modern approach by offering tools such as a composition editor, music transcriber, and real-time pitch/beat accuracy feedback provider right in the web browser. We love Scala and use it for backend and frontend development. With some effort, we were able to keep the code simple, make development a joyful experience, and extract high performance. 

In this talk, share our experiences in choosing frontend frameworks, client-server communication, use of WebAssembly for performance critical portions, and so on.


This talk was given by Ramnivas Laddad at Scale by the Bay 2018.