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Scala: Beyond the basics by Christopher Batey

Galaxy Milky Way Orbit 110854

If you're new to using Scala you may only know the basics so this talk from Senior Software Engineer, Christopher Batey is ideal. Go beyond the basics of this advanced programming language looking at writing reusable code, abstracting with type classes and even find the answer to some higher level questions about language features.

Scala: Beyond the basics

What can you do in Scala that you can’t do in Java? Why are streams and lambdas not enough for functional programming? What are the practical uses of more advanced language features?

We’ll cover specific language features with their uses cases: 
Function composition as an alternative to layered architectures 
Functional approaches to implement dependency injection 
Writing reusable code with higher kinded types 
Avoiding mutability with expressions 
Abstracting with type classes 

As well as posing some higher level questions about language features: 
Why do we embrace runtime reflection frameworks but fear compile time implicit parameters? 
Ease of initial understanding vs long term productivity of a language 
Simple vs familiar language features and patterns 

The goal of this talk is for you to learn some specifics about language features not yet in Java as well as to get you excited about programming languages in general.