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Production Haskell Demystified by Joe Kachmar

Pexels Photo 546819

Haskell can easily enable you to model your solutions to let the compiler derive arbitrary data samples!

How do you achieve this? At Scale by the Bay, we were lucky to have a demonstration from Engineer, Joe Kachmar. Check it out.


Production Haskell Demystified

Core components of the software platform at Symbiont.IO are written in Haskell, which may come as a surprise to people who have only heard of it in the context of academic programming languages. 
In this talk, I'll walk attendees through a small demonstration showing off how Haskell enables programmers to easily model their solutions in such a way that the compiler can derive arbitrary data samples, JSON codecs, property testing, and even whole web APIs almost entirely "for free". 
Link to the demonstration code:
This talk was given by Joe Kachmar at Scale by the Bay 2018.