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High performance Privacy By Design using Matryoshka & Spark

Pexels Photo 1089438

How can you protect your data structures?

At Scala IO FranceOlivier Girardot and Wiem Zine Elabidine showed us how using Matryoshka and Spark we can do this and make it more performant! 


High-performance Privacy By Design using Matryoshka & Spark 

The protection of a user's personal information is a fundamental right, That job will be done by data engineers team, right? 
They should protect a billion of data structures. It sounds tedious! How can we do that providing a high performance, with a maintainable, testable and clean code using functional programming approach, and in a reasonable time? 
Don’t worry, Matryoshka makes it possible to browse your data structures using recursion schemas approach, what if we use it directly in Spark columns to make it more performant? It’s possible because we did it! 
This talk was given by Olivier Girardot and Wiem Zine Elabidine at Scala IO France.