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Full Stack Scala by Trond Bjerkestrand

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Explore shared data objects and validation logic whilst learning how you can create awesome rich front-ends!

Co-Founder of Groosker and Scala Consultant, Trond Bjerkestrand gave us the full insight into Full Stack Scala at Scala Days.


Full Stack Scala 

Demand for a richer experience client side is continuously increasing. We can no longer generate HTML server side and will instead create JSON APIs, investigate JS frameworks, learn JavaScript, its tools and libraries or leave the task to a dedicated front-end developer.

Wait, ScalaJS is here, mature and with a growing community. It allows creating beautiful and rich front-ends without leaving our comfort zone of strong static typing protected from JavaScript surprises. The talk will explore shared data objects, validation logic and easy client server communication in a full stack Scala app.
This talk was given by Trond Bjerkestrand at Scala Days Belin 2018.